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New products coming soon - discrete components for radio constructors including tuning capacitors, resistors, capacitors, selected transistors, loudspeakers and earphones

7 transistor pulse counting superhet receiver kit

We apologize for temporary delays in dispatching orders as we were sold out, but we now have got new stocks of parts and will be dispatching orders shortly.

microfm receiver

Price  $29.90
Shipping   $6.99

  • All discrete design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Single 1.5v AAA cell - over 100 hrs
  • No external antenna
  • Powerful AFC control
  • Auto switch-on when earphones are inserted
  • Simple tuning and volume control
  • No alignment necessary - single pre-formed inductor
  • Full after sales service


Welcome to Armstrong classic radio and audio kits and we trust you will enjoy building and operating your microFM receiver. All our kits are designed from the ground up to give the true pioneering enjoyment of kits of the past and as such all our kits use:
  1. All discrete components - no ICs
  2. Full circuit descriptions & details
  3. Easy to follow instructions for assembly and testing
  4. Full after sales service, including faultfinding and repair service

Brief History

Pulse counting superhet receivers were popular in the UK during the 1960/70 period and a number of articles were published in magazines, including 'Practical Wireless' and 'Radio Constructor'. These were ideally suited for home construction as alignment was minimal and no test instruments were necessary. Also as no IF transformers were used and most of the receiver worked at low frequencies, construction was straightforward. Added to this they offered excellent audio quality, unlike the super regenerative receivers.

A kit was also marketed by Sinclair and this inspired us to produce an up to date version of this kind of receiver.

Free after sales service

In the unlikely event you cannot get your receiver to work, we provide a free after sales service. A postal fee of $4.95 is charged, which covers postage back to you by registered air mail.

Please watch the video kindly given to us by one of our customers showing all the building stages and useful hints and comments